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We have put together the frequently asked questions.
Any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

About Kamikochi and walks

It is my first time to Kamikochi. Where should I walk?2020-05-11T19:02:54+09:00

The 2 major courses of Kamikochi are “Taisho Pond ~ Kappa Bridge” and “ Kappa Bridge – Myojin Pond”. If you are on a day trip, depending on how much time you will take, the standard options are to take either of the above courses, and if you are staying over night, many people take both courses, one on each day.
For the highlights of both courses, please check out the Guide Course page.

Are there areas where children can walk?2020-05-11T20:53:58+09:00

Please select a route according to the distance your child can walk, because you cannot get on a bus in the middle of the pathways. There are more bathrooms and benches for you to rest in the “Taisho Pond ~ Kappa Bridge” course. If you cannot walk long distances, we recommend you to take a walk around the Kappa Bridge. Just about 15 minutes walk away from the Kappa Bridge, you can find “Gakusawa Swamp” with a beautiful view. Also at the camping site, there is a stream, and you can touch the water there. Please note that it is forbidden to catch bugs and fish in Kamikochi.

Are there areas that are accessible on wheelchairs?2020-05-11T20:59:52+09:00

Yes, the pathway from Tashiro Bridge ~ Kappa Bridge on both sides of the river is accessible. For other pathways, there are areas with unpaved paths and steps. Please contact us for more details.

Are there places to eat during the walk?2020-05-11T21:34:18+09:00

There are restaurants in Taisho Pond Area, Tashiro Bridge Area, Bus Terminal Area, Kappa Bridge Area, Myojin Area, and Tokusawa Area. Also there are lunch boxes available at the kiosks. However, if you are camping, please note that dinner is only available to customers staying over night at each facility.

Is there a place to withdraw money?2020-05-11T21:35:39+09:00

There are no ATMs in Kamikochi. You cannot withdraw money at the post office either. So please make sure to have enough cash on you before entering Kamikochi.

Which season do you recommended?2020-05-11T21:38:24+09:00

Every season has it’s highlights, but we recommend late May to early June for the flowers or the fresh green, July to August for the morning haze, and late October for the yellow leaves.

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About the guide walks

How do you make a reservation for the guide walks?2020-05-11T21:52:31+09:00

You can make a reservation from the Reservation Form or by phone (+81-80-8808-5466).

The guide will directly be in contact with you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you have not decided the course yet, or if you are a first time customer and are not familiar with the geography. We are happy to offer information and advice.

Is it possible to participate with just one person?2020-05-11T21:42:15+09:00

Yes, you are more than welcome from one person.

Would I be joining the guide walk with other customers?2020-05-11T21:43:18+09:00

We will ask you for your preference when you make a reservation. If you want a private tour, the price will change, so please contact us from here for more details.

Is it possible to join in on the day?2020-05-11T21:44:08+09:00

If there is availability, yes you can. However, as soon as the reservation is full, you will not be able to join, so if your dates are fixed, please contact us as soon as you can.

How do you pay for the guide walks?2020-05-18T18:40:47+09:00

You can pay by cash, credit card on the day. If you prefer to make a bank transfer in advance, please let us know.

What happens if it rains?2020-05-11T21:54:02+09:00

The day courses will take place on rainy days. We have rain gear rentals (rain poncho, umbrella, pants), so if you need them, please let us know.

If you would like to cancel due to the rain, please inform us on reservation. We will contact you to discuss on the day before. Night courses may be cancelled by stormy weather.

What is the cancellation policy?2020-05-11T21:55:15+09:00

If you can contact us by 17pm on the day before, there will be no cancellation fees.(Only for individual customers.)

For cancellations after that, we require the following cancellation fees depending on when you contact us.
Until 17pm on the day before: Free / After 18pm on the day before: 20% / On the day: 50% / Without any contact: 100%

Can you provide guide course in languages other than Japanese?2020-07-22T20:56:09+09:00

If you would like guide in English, please inform us at the time of booking.Please note that it may not be accepted depending on the reservation status. Guide is provided only in Japanese and English.

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