“Nature guide Five Sense”  offer guide courses in Kamikochi, Shinshu. We offer a relaxing time by hiking/walking around to discover the wonders of the nature.

1. The guides of the mountain resort “Kamikochi”

We are the one and only private enterprise stationed at “Kamikochi” that offers guide courses at the entrance of the mountain resort “Kamikochi” (elevation: 1500m). We offer guide courses in hiking/walking areas with little difference in elevation, such as Taisho Pond, Myojin, and Tokusawa.

We do not offer “mountain climbing guide courses”.
Our guide courses are made possible from facing Kamikochi everyday, and we will introduce you to the highlights and the beautiful flowers of Kamikochi that can only be noticed by living here throughout the four seasons. We hope you will feel love even towards the moss, little creatures, flower seeds, and the fallen leaves of Kamikochi.

We aim to offer guide courses for everyone to like Kamikochi more.

2. Don’t worry about the rainy days! We have a line up of rental gears!

Don’t waste your rainy days by staying indoors just because you cannot see the sceneries.
We will guide you to the fascinations of the mystic Kamikochi on rainy days.

For those that want to be fully prepared to challenge without worrying about the rain, we offer GORE-TEX rain gears provided by mont-bell for free, only to the participants of the nature guide courses.
Let’s walk around Kamikochi not only looking at the plants and the flowers there, but talking about the history of Kamikochi and the secrets of Kamikochi that can only be know from living here.

3. Relaxing nature guide in a small group size

We offer courses at the entrance of Kamikochi, specialized in areas with little difference in elevation, so everyone from little children to the elderly can participate in our courses.

Also, our guides are not guides that just offer quick information, but we are guides that carefully take care of every participant in the group. We offer guide courses in a small group size, so that every one can face the nature at their own relaxing pace.

4. Well known through TV shows and magazines

“Five Sense” is often interviewed by many TV shows and magazines every year.
With the concept of “We want everyone to like Kamikochi more”, we hope that many people will get to know more about Kamikochi through our interviews on TV shows and magazines.

We also offer information that changes every day throughout the season from the residential guide’s original point of view through our Blog(Japanese text only) and SNS, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please don’t miss it!

Five Sense Staff

Let us introduce you to our staff at “Nature guide Five Sense” .
Please call them by their “guide name”.

Akane Yamabe
Akane YamabeGuide name: SAKURA
Kota Umezawa
Kota UmezawaGuide name: UME
Junpei Mitani
Junpei MitaniGuide name: JUN
Hiroshi Hayakawa
Hiroshi HayakawaGuide name: HIRO