Our guide’s “Clothing Advice” for coming to Kamikochi

Temperature transition in Kamikochi, and Recommended clothing

We will introduce you to the recommended clothing according to each season.
This is for hiking/walking around in the Kamikochi area (Taisho Pond ~ Tokusawa), and not for mountain climbing.

The temperature varies according to the year or the day.
We update the latest temperature and clothing information on “TODAY’S KAMIKOCHI and Clothing Advice”(Japanese text only), so please also have a look.

MonthAverage peak temperatureReference: Tokyo
MonthDaytimeMorning/EveningOne tip advice
Late AprilFleece jacket, Gloves, Beanie+ Down jacket, Neck warmerThere is snow left, so dress well around your foot.
Early MayFleece jacket, Gloves, Hat+ Down jacket, Neck warmerSnow falls but also strong sunshine during the day.
Late MayWindbreaker, Hat+ Fleece jacket, GlovesGets mild but sometimes gets frosty
Early JuneWindbreaker, Hat+ Fleece jacket, GlovesBig difference from day to day, so please check the weather forecast
Late JuneWindbreaker, Hat+ Fleece jacketIt feels cold when it rains
Early JulyWindbreaker, Hat+ Fleece jacketPrepare your rain gear during rainy season
Late JulyLong sleeve shirt, Hat+ WindbreakerIt’s mid summer but please be ready with an outerwear for bad weather
Early AugustLong sleeve shirt, Hat+ WindbreakerBe prepared for sun protection and hydration.
Late AugustWind breaker, Hat+ Fleece jacketChilly in the mornings and evenings
Early SeptemberFleece jacket, Hat+ GlovesIt gets below 10 degrees in the mornings
Late SeptemberFleece jacket, Hat+ Gloves, BeanieIt gets below 5 degrees in the mornings, and in some years it starts getting frosty
Early OctoberFleece jacket, Gloves, Beanie+ Down jacket, Neck warmerIn the mornings, the temperature gets below zero, so please dress in mid winter clothing
Late OctoberDown jacket, Neck warmer, Gloves, BeanieSame as daytimeYou can see snow-capped peaks on many days.
Early NovemberDown jacket, Neck warmer, Gloves, BeanieSame as daytimePrepare to keep your fingertips, toe, and neck from getting cold

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One point advice on clothing

About Clothing

The temperature is about 8-9 degrees lower than Tokyo. Since you will be hiking/walking outdoors, we recommend you to wear clothing with less skin exposure such as long sleeves and long pants. It is basic to layer your clothes so that it is easy to adjust the warmth. It is good to have with you a rainwear, that you can use as a rain gear or to prevent cold and wind in all seasons.

About Hats

The sunshine is very strong since we are located at a high elevation. So even in the cold times such as May, sun protection is necessary during the day. Please consider having with you hats for both sun protection and cold protection.

About Rain gear

Since there are many narrow paths, we recommend you to use rainwear than umbrellas for long walks. It is very convenient to use it together with a compact umbrella.

About Shoes

There are many unpaved paths, but since there is not much difference in elevation, it is no problems to wear sneakers on sunny days.
On rainy days, there will be many paddles and wet mud, so it may be better to wear waterproof shoes such as trekking shoes.
If wearing sneakers, it is a good idea to use a waterproof spray.

About Bags

It is basic to use bags that will allow both your hands to be empty.
If you are hiking/walking for a long time, it will help you from getting tired by having the weight close to the center of your body. Adjust the length of the straps on your backpacks so that they are not too long, and it is comfortable when you carry it.
We do not recommend you to use bags with casters. The casters may break by using them on unpaved paths. If necessary, it will be safer to send your bags in advance to the hotel.